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Im Lost Full Game DownLoaD

Im Lost Full Game DownLoaD

Im Lost : Inspired by the movie «Maze Runner,» I’m Lost throws the player into the middle of a small forest area surrounded by a large maze. You will need to explore the labyrinth and to find a way out of it. A special orange labels are scattered around the maze. They can be activated, so the player can understand what parts of the maze he visited and where he was not yet.

The protagonist wakes up on the shore of a small lake, surrounded by a maze of high walls. To complete the game, you have to get out of the giant maze.

Note :- You must have to have torrent file DowNLoaDer to DowNLaoD the game. e.g.Utorrent.

4.3GBDowNLoaD hErE             

Or DowNLoaD by alternate link below.

      DowNLoaD hErE       

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