Destiny 2 Full Game Rip DowNLoaD

Destiny 2 Full Game Rip DowNLoaD

Destiny 2 will presumably expand upon the formula found in the original game with new weapons, abilities and mechanics. Bungie has a solid foundation to build upon, with fans consistently returning to its galaxy thanks to the satisfying combat and gunplay.

Instead of a fun, planet hopping adventure we were treated to a predictable sequence of levels broken up by confusing cutscenes. Rarely were we given any context for our actions, left to stew in a pool full of arbitrary motivations and two-dimensional characters. The original story for Destiny was completely rewritten during development, according to Kotaku. This gives Bungie the perfect oppurtunity to produce a story worthy of the game’s fantastic universe.

Destiny 2, though as predictable as it might be, could benefit from a storyline told throughout a linear campaign. The characters, locations and lore established here could be expanded in the game’s multiplayer through additional exploration in the many raids and strikes. This could also provide Bungie the opportunity to produce some magnificent set pieces, harkening back to its Halo roots.

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