Dangal 2016 Full HD DowNLoaD

Dangal 2016 Full HD DowNLoaD

Former wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat trains young daughters Geeta and Babita to follow in his footsteps and become world class grapplers. The ending credits reveal that Babita also won gold in wrestling in the Commonwealth Games Geeta became the very first Indian female wrestler to meet the requirements for the Olympics and tons of Indian girls inspired to be involved in wrestling. 

Throughout the charms in the Commonwealth Games of Geeta, Mahavir always contradicts her trainer’s directions while sitting in the crowd. Her trainer is disregarded by Geeta and follows her dad’s instructions and wins every fight. Only before the final match, the envious trainer of Geeta conspires to lock in Mahavir in a cabinet far from the stadium. Despite her dad’s lack, Geeta becomes the first Indian female wrestler to win gold and manages to win the last fight. Mahavir returns just in time to adopt his daughters, frustrating the trainer’s hopes of getting credit before the news media.

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