RIDE Digital Deluxe Edition RepaCk DowNLoaD

RIDE Digital Deluxe Edition RepaCk Highly Compressed DowNLoaD

Motorcycle of the most desired brands in the world, impressive races and a world tour leading to 15 different places, all this and more in the new game produced by Nanco-Bandai: RIDE.
Choose from over 100 motorcycles of the brands that dedicated the history of motorcycling and burn the asphalt in the World Tour. Challenge opponents in Motorcycle Events divided into three types of track: GP slopes exciting the beautiful landscapes of rural tracks, without forgetting the Urban challenging slopes. Race after race, customize and improve your bike to advance in the World Ratings and become the fastest pilot RIDE. Just as in World Tour, players can compete in different game modes: Quick Race, The Clock, Split Screen and online with up to 12 players in Quick Race and Championship.

The World Tour is the main RIDE game mode to participate in various events around the world, where various categories: Superbike 1000 Supersport 600, Historic Championships and so on. Each Motorcycle Event has several race modes: single race, championship, against time, track day, drag racing and endurance. Each race influences on their reputation and hence their position in the World Ranking RIDE players.

This unique repack the Digital Deluxe Edition is fully translated and dubbed into Portuguese of Brazil and can be played both in the Singleplayer mode as in Online Multiplayer mode. 

This is still all the extra contents of the Deluxe Edition (Making Of, Soundtrack, Why We Ride) and the 4 DLC released for the game so far: 

- Historical Yamaha Bikes
- Bike Yamaha Models 2015
- 2015 Top Bikes Pack 1
- 2015 Top Bikes Pack 2.

Note :- You must have any torrent file downloader to download the game, like - Utorrent. You can get              this from our site about page.

13GB DowNLoaD hErE                            

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