Call of Juarez Gunslinger RepaCk DowNLoaD

Call of Juarez Gunslinger RepaCk Highly Compressed DowNLoaD

"Gunslinger" brings the "Call of Juarez" series back to its place, the Old American West, with all its clichés. And does it without trying to be a "Call of Duty" season or anything. For the first time, it seems that the franchise Ubisoft has found its identity.

This is a quick shooter with mechanical 'arcade': you accumulate points, make combos with well-aimed shots and can pause the time to detonate the opponents. The colorful look reminiscent to some extent, "Borderlands," but with a very different footprint: not a 'western sci-fi' as the game of Gearbox, but an authentic Wild West, frantic and fun.

In "Gunslinger" you take the role of Silas Greaves, a bounty hunter who pursue the MAIIS famous outside-the-law of the American West. In his wanderings, Silas will face notables as Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Pat Garret and Butch Cassidy, among other subjects fast on the trigger.

The adventure is narrated by Silas himself, mixing real stories with elaborate and entertaining fiction game. There is a good variety of weapons to play and you can develop the good guy's abilities by adjusting the character to your style of play.

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