Battlefield 4 RepaCk Compressed DowNLoaD

Battlefield 4 RepaCk Highly Compressed DowNLoaD

Baattlefield 4 consolidates the technical perfection of DICE, where fun is the ultimate goal. With graphics and gameplay innovations enhanced the game features visual photo-realistic and closer to reality gameplay.

Improving from Bad Company, DICE engine adds to the collapses a sense of impending danger, there is a shelter that can not come down. The insecurity promoted by all this is the most important component of the entire history of the game; the war is felt in the 'skin', there is nowhere to run, the output is to do some planning and attack enemies.

This unique repack of Battlefield 4 is fully subtitled in Portuguese of Brazil, with our extra content for collectors:

- Battlefield 4 Exclusive MULTi12 Easy Language Selector
- Battlefield 4 Walkthrough and Game Guide
- Battlefield 4 Original Soundtrack
- Battlefield 4 Game Guide
- Battlefield 4 High Definition 4K Poster

(Available Languages: EN, ES, GB, IT, FR, UK, CZ, PL, JP, CH KO).

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22GB  DowNLoaD hErE                  

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