The Evil Within 2 Full Game DownLoaD

The Evil Within 2 Full Game DownLoaD

The Evil Within 2 is an upcoming third-person survival horror video game developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks. The sequel to The Evil Within, the game is set to be released worldwide on October 13, 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Mobius is a corporation with unknown motives. With the aim of bringing the world "peace and order", Mobius created the STEM device, which connects human minds to an alternate dimension. In the aftermath of the first game's event, Detective Sebastian Castellanos was dismissed from the police department, and his story was not trusted by anyone. Desperate to find leads, Sebastian becomes frustrated and falls back into drinking, until three years later, his former partner Juli Kidman returns to inform him that his daughter Lily, thought to be dead years ago, is still alive but was captured by Mobius as the test subject for Union, a STEM world created with Lily's brain. Union, which is a reflection of Lily's mind, is extremely unstable, and Sebastian must race against time to rescue her and unravel the conspiracies of Mobius before it collapses. Meanwhile, he must confront different killers who had made their mark in Union, and face his own personal fears and past traumas.


Similar to its predecessor, the game is a survival horror game. Played from a third-person perspective, the player assumes control of detective Sebastian Castellanos, who must descend into the world of Union to rescue his daughter, Lily. There are three difficulty modes, namely Casual, which producer Shinji Mikami recommends, Survival, and Nightmare. In The Evil Within 2, maps are larger and there are multiple ways for players to advance in a level. The player is also given an item known as "The Communicator", which helps to highlight the objectives, resources, and enemies featured in the game's world. It will also reveal Resonance points, which provides hints regarding what had happened in the world of Union. Players can explore the map area freely to complete side objectives and scout for resources, which are scarce. Players can engage in direct confrontation with enemies using weapons like guns, or use stealth to prevent themselves from being noticed or sneak behind enemies to kill them silently.
The game also features a crafting system, in which players can gather resources to craft new items such as ammo. Players can craft items at any time in the game, but doing so in a workbench requires less crafting materials. A customization system is also present. The Green Gel, introduced in the first game, can be used to customize Sebestian's abilities, which are divided into five different trees: health, stealth, combat, recovery and athleticism. Weapons can also be customized using the weapon parts players collected through exploring Union.


Shinji Mikami, director of the first game, supervised The Evil Within 2's development
Development for The Evil Within 2 began in March 2015, after the team at Tango Gameworks wrapped up the development of the DLC for the first game. Director of the first game, Shinji Mikami, stepped down and became the game's producer and supervised the game's development. The director role was assigned to John Johanas, described by Mikami as a person with "a lot of talent". The story of the game was penned by Hajime Ishimine and Trent Haaga. One of their focuses was to make the game's story easier for players to comprehend and understand, a response to the criticism of the first game where the game's plot gets too complicated by the end. Shifting realities, a feature in the first game, also returns in the sequel but according to Johanas, "there’s a bit more logic to when and how it happens". The 2.5:1 aspect ratio featured in the first game was removed due to the mixed response this design choice had received upon its release, even though the team liked it. While the game will retain the gore-horror featured dominantly in the original game, the writing team also put effort into creating the game's psychological horror aspect, as the game tells a story that is more personal.
In August 16, Pete Hines, an executive from publisher Bethesda Softworks, revealed that The Evil Within had sold enough copies to warrant a sequel, though he declined to comment on whether a new game is in development. The game was first leaked in March 2017, in which a job description for Psycho Break 2, the game's Japanese title, was leaked. An advertisement for the game was prematurely posted on Reddit, several hours prior to the game's official announcement at Bethesda's Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 press conference. The game is set to be officially released on October 13, 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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