GTA Iron Man Mod DowNLoaD

GTA Iron Man IV Mod DowNLoaD

Iron Man IV

Mod by-
H1Vltg3 (Iron Man Armors, HUD, Tests, and Ideas)
JulioNIB (Script)

This mod allows you to have Iron Man features, like:

-Iron Man Armors
-Shoulder Darts
-Mini Rockets
-Hand Repulsor Beam
-Chest Repulsor Beam
-Flight Ability
-Ability to call Ally to help you
-Flying enemies
-Dynamic Iron Man style HUD
-Xbox 360 Controller Support

Options Menu:

-Armor Select
-Invincible Iron Man (God Mode)
-Never Wanted
-Turn off Iron Man powers and play as Niko

Please report any bugs with the mod by sending us a message on Facebook! 
I will be releasing additional Armors in time, as well as Stark Tower if I 
ever get time to finish modeling it. There may be updates to the script if 
needed, be sure to "Like" both of our Facebook pages for any updates!

Note :- This is conversion mod for GTA IV (GTA4) , please download and replace on GTA 4 directory .

70MB DowNLoaD hErE                            

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