Rising Storm 2 Vietnaam FtGrl Repack 4GB fREE DowNLoaD

Rising Storm 2 Vietnaam FtGrl Repack 4GB fREE DowNLoaD

A lot of games try to emulate suppression, to approximate what it’s like to be fired upon, but Rising Storm 2: Vietnam does it more effectively than any of them. It's not through fidelity—the particle effects are unimpressive—or even the heavily applied post-processing that blurs your vision. The panic is kicked up by the contradiction of being utterly fragile and needing to throw your body at the enemy anyway. Stay still and lose, move and die. Rising Storm 2 forces us into chaos with enough authenticity to let us be consumed by it more often than not.
The latest from Tripwire and Antimatter Games is a lateral move: the same 64-player, tactics heavy battles of the World War II-based Red Orchestra series, now in Vietnam, with assault rifles and helicopters and tunnels. Where the Battlefield games provide military playgrounds with activities for everyone, Rising Storm 2 generates military anarchy that must be coaxed toward victory by able commanders and squad leaders. On an individual level, it’s about performing unlikely feats of marksmanship despite a hundred sounds and two million jungle pixels distracting you from the little clump of color that counts: a helmet in the distance, just peeking over a rock.

What is it? A 64-player objective-based FPS with heavy focus on team tactics.
Expect to pay $25/£19
Developer Antimatter Games, Tripwire Interactive
Publisher Tripwire Interactive
Reviewed on  Windows 10, Intel Core i5-3570, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX Titan
Multiplayer 64 players between two teams.
Link Official site
Buy it Humble Store (Digital Deluxe edition)

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Rising Storm 2 Vietnaam FtGrl Repack 4GB fREE DowNLoaD Rising Storm 2 Vietnaam FtGrl Repack 4GB fREE DowNLoaD Reviewed by SC-COMPRESSED on July 08, 2017 Rating: 5


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