DowNLoaD Substance Painter 2.6.2 witH Crack

Substance Painter 2.6.6 witH Crack DowNLoaD

Substance painter crack is an awesome and also powerful software for texturing and also painting Your 3D-models. If you have finished your 3D model using Auto-desk 3DS Max 2017 or Blender or any other 3D engine, then you will need to Add a very special effects to your Model.

With Substance painter 2.6.1 crack patch download you have the ability to create 3D amazing Painting characters. Beside that the app is used by thousands of users around the world to create, export and also preview textures.

The app gives you the tools and also an advanced workflow to speed up your work space. In addition you have a pretty user interface to work with. In a simple word you have to give the texture and then the final model will appear.
  • Full documentation and a bunch of tutorials available on the internet
  • Friendly 3D Painter user interface
  • Substance painter 2.6.1 crack and also substance painter 2 download allows you to preview your 3D painting in a PBR view
  • The ability to Import a custom shader to paint it.
  • Perform painting when you want and where you want.
  • Multiple brush and also leading her across the screen.
  • Every stroke is saved as an editable curve.
  • A unique brush system based on particles
  • Users have the ability to create realistic effects.
  • Create 3D realistic effects such as : cracks in the wall, dirt on the shoes, the rust on the pipes, and alsoimpact marks.


Title : Download Substance Painter Crack
Manufacturer: Allegorithmic
CPU : Intel Core i5 or AMD Athlon 64; 3 GHz or faster
OS : Microsoft Windows 7 with SP1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
Ram: 8 GB of RAM (16 GB recommended)
HDD: 2.6 GB of free hard disk space (32-bit), 3.1 GB for (64 bit)
GPU : 2 GB in VRAM of graphics memory Intel HD 5000 / IRis Pro 6200 and above
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 and above
NVIDIA Quadro K2000 and above
AMD Radeon HD 7000 and above/WX-serie / Pro Duo and above
Additional tools: DirectX: Version 11
size: 1.23 Gb

:-Installation instructions

  1. First of all Extract the Rar file
  2. Now run Substance_Painter_2-
  3. Follow the installation process until it’s done
  4. Don’t open the software yet
  5. Copy Substance Painter 2 into installation directory, and confirm the replacement
  6. That’s it people, Enjoy substance painter 2.6.1 Full download.

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