MacBooster 5.0 for MAC DowNLoaD

MacBooster 5.0 for MAC DowNLoaD

MacBooster is an easy-to-use yet powerful system utility for Mac OS users. Similar to Windows PCs, Mac computers also suffer from slow response, over occupied hard disks, difficulties in uninstalling apps, and other system issues. MacBooster for Mac can help users solve these issues with just one click. It clears out junk files in the system, detects and removes malware and virus, identifies big or duplicated files that take up large portion of hard disk, and helps you uninstall unwanted apps that won't easily go away. It is the ultimate tool you will need to keep your Mac machines running fast and safely.

:-MacBooster Features

Clean up Gigabytes of Junk
MacBooster scans every corner of your Mac and safely removes unnecessary files including extra application binaries, old logs, outdated cache files, and more to maximize your hard disk space. This is particularly helpful for Mac users with smaller SSD hard disks.

:-Enjoy Faster Mac

Mac gets sluggish after using for a while. To speed up, MacBooster cleans caches, releases occupied RAM, and fixes disk permission, so you can enjoy a smooth running Mac while you work or play game. 

:-Uninstall Apps Thoroughly

Getting rid of applications manually can't remove all the files they created. MacBooster helps you remove unwanted apps and browser plug-ins completely with no leftovers, so you will have 100% control of the apps on your Mac. 

:-More Amazing Tools Available

Startup Optimization - Manage your startup items to increase OS X boot speed. Clean Memory - Regain more available Ram and make application start faster. Large Files Cleaner - Find and remove large files for more space. iTunes Junk - Release more storage space on iTunes store. File Eraser - Thoroughly remove unwanted files. Photo Sweeper - Delete similar and hidden copies of photos. Duplicates Finder - Locate and smartly delete duplicates on Mac.

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