Hitman 4 Blood Money Rip Compressed 280MB DowNLoaD

Hitman 4 Blood Money Full Rip Highly Compressed 280MB DowNLoaD

Hitman: Blood Money is the fourth installment in the series of video games Hitman . The game was released in Europe May 26 2006 and in the United States May 30 of that year.

In the Italian version of this new chapter in the ‘ Agent 47 voice actor changes, providing the voice of George Melazzi.
The story of Blood Money revolves around the murders committed by the protagonist, the ‘ Agent 47 , described in the opening scenes of the game from the old director of ‘ FBI to a journalist invited at his home while discussing the agent. The former director, who was forced to live on a wheelchair, tells how his organization I track the ‘ Agent 47 for over two years observing its operations, each of which is relived during the progress within the game .

In 2012 was released the trilogy Hitman Trilogy HD , thanks to which you can play three games in the series ( Silent Assassin , Contracts and Blood Money), also on the PlayStation 3.

The game begins with a flashback to an amusement park in Baltimore , where dozens of people died in an accident caused by poor maintenance of the Ferris wheel. The father of one of the victims calls the Agency and commissioned the murder of the owner of the park, which has been sacked. 47, on the run from their rivals from Europe, accepts the assignment; after this, he received a series of contracts from American clients are excited to hire the legendary hitman. With the exception of two missions that take place respectively in Chile and Paris (which takes place in the game, immediately before that), all the missions follow each other in chronological order according to the latter.

As each mission ends you see a newspaper article about the case, the contents of which change depending on the reputation of the player and the progress of the investigations. We will also display the Identikit, which will increase by exactly how many more witnesses the player will leave behind. The title of the article will be on the evaluation of the player. “Silent Assassin” rating is the best in the game, is awarded when the player kills the target in the most clean and calm as possible and not let special attention upon himself (covers blown, bodies found, etc).

:-How To Install This Game

 1. First Open - "Hitman 4 Blood Money.exe" Setup File.
 2. Now Select Which Location You Want To Save This Game ...... Default Is Your Program Files
 3. Wait Few Minutes (Approximate10 Min)
 4. All Process Will Complete Automatically.
 5. After All Done a Window will Popup - Unsupported. Close It and You Can See a Shortcut On Desktop. (Hitman Blood Money)
 6. Now Click and Open The Game From Shortcut.
 7. Play And Enjoy .

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