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DowNLoaD WinUha UHRC GFX Ver. HiGhLy CoMpReSSeD oNLy 1MiB

August 26, 2014

DowNLoaD WinUha UHRC GFX Ver. HiGhLy CoMpReSSeD oNLy 1MiB

WinUha/UHARC is a high compression multimedia archiver. 
   It has a better compression ratio than 7-ZIP, RAR, ACE, etc...
Some Characteristics :
   - User friendly and modern interface, as commercial software
   - Shell Context Menu to speed up archives management
   - SFX GUI for UHA archives
   - Translation Engine to be really user friendly
   - Freeware for non commercial use, as UHARC
  2.0 RC1 (2005.02.27)
     +Translation Engine
     +SFX Support (only for 0.6)
     +UHARC 0.6 and 0.4 Support
     +Temp Extraction
     +Archive Folders Tree
     +Extraction Paths History
     +New (Self Made) Graphical Objects: Ratio InfoBar, Folders Panel
     +Cascade Shell Context Menu
     +Custom Command Line
     +Many Other Changes and Options
     !Shell Menu too large sometimes
     !wrong visualization of some characters
     !Unable to open Archive if it as "%" in filename
     !Windows 9x Shell Icons Bug Fixed
     !Other bug fixes
                                                DowNLoaD HeRe YouR SofT


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